Oskar Schlemmer. Das Triadische Ballett. 1924.

Version from 1970

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Summer Water 16”x16” o/c

♥237 "Despite the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Alexander is facing 60 years in prison for having fired a warning shot in 2012 to stop her abusive ex-husband from attacking her. The bullet fired by Alexander, a Black working-class mother, hit no one and caused no injury. Nonetheless, she was arrested, jailed and convicted — until a mass movement forced her conviction to be thrown out in late 2013. The state’s prosecutor, Angela Corey, decided to retry the case and has repeatedly slandered Alexander to the mass media and even in the state’s legislature. While the state’s persecution of Alexander continues, the movement to win her freedom has not gone away."

— 'Free Marissa Alexander’ march shakes Jacksonville (via aboriginalnewswire)

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Qingjun Huang, Family Stuff

An item found in the River Thames near London Bridge has been identified as a “castration clamp”.[2]  It is decorated with images of Attis, and also animals.  It may have been used to geld horses and bullocks; or for “religious purposes”, such as helping attractive young men find a religious vocation as Galli, priests of Cybele and/or Attis.

Bloody Mary
Queen of England and Ireland
Portrait by Antonis Mor, 1554
Mary Mary quite contrary,How does your garden grow?With silver bells and cockle shellsAnd pretty maids all in a row.Who was Mary, why contrary?Mary is in fact Queen Mary or Bloody Mary as she was also known and daughter of King Henry VIII. Her nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ was derived because she wouldn’t think twice about ending the life of an individual and all too often executed people in a wholesale fashion, mass executions, almost like a production line.It is interesting that her father, Henry VIII fell out with the Catholic Church over rules relating to divorce and indeed embarked upon a destruction campaign, demolishing properties owned by the Catholic Church, plundering their gold and silver, stealing land etc., yet his daughter was a staunch catholic and infamous for such incredible bloody executions on those who open and continually declared their Protestant faith.Where was Mary’s garden?So, the first line; “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary” could relate to the contrary aspect of her chosen religion. (contrary to her father’s).How does your garden grow? - let’s dismiss the beautiful flowers in a cultivated garden, forget that haven designated for peace and relaxation; this garden was a cemetery like mass of land with ever extending rows of graves occupied by murdered, headless protestant martyrs.Those beautiful scented flowers growing from the soil were nothing but simple grave markers noting yet another person tortured because of their faith; same God, same history, different church and that was Mary’s reason to murder those people.Silver bells and cockle shells?Nothing but instruments of torture; the silver bells were extremely nasty thumbscrews, placed securely onto both thumbs and gradually turned, screwed to the point of crushing the victims bones, consequently extracting a confession and admission of their protestant faith or indeed and what many would see as a cowardly act, the denial of their faith, but at least they might live. When would a confession was extracted is was presented as evidence against them, leading to a horrible execution. So, those silver bells were indeed nasty devises.The ‘maids’ were a device to behead people similar to the guillotine. - source